First lecture – 9th of October

The free Java Enterprise Edition course for the Technical University of Sofia starts on 9th of October, Saturday. All trainees are expected to attend the first lecture starting at 9:00 in hall 1153.

Due to specifics of the training and the questions and interest via email and comments, all students should register themselves via the Submission form. Seats in the hall are limited and Technical University students are taken with priority.


  • The first JavaEE lacture was fantastic!!! I am glad to be part of this cool project. The lecturers were in so agreeable mood and they pleased our facny, despite the cold room. Congratulations guys 😉

  • Could you upload the materials from the first lecture for those students, who were not present.

  • They promised to upload the presentation on this site in a few days.

  • They promised to upload the presentation here in a few days.

  • Yes, we are going to upload the presentation soon. First we’d like to polish it and remove the mistakes we found during the first session.

  • When and where is the second lecture going to be? I missed the first one, but I wan’t to attent the next ones.

    • The course is held each Saturday. The next meeting will be at 16th October 2010, 9:00 AM at lab 1153 in the Technical University of Sofia. Please bring a laptop for the practical sessions.

  • Could you announce the subjects that you will cover in a lecture before the day of the lecture, please.